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Cerebellar Ataxia

Cerebellar ataxia has been identified in a small number of smooth-haired Hungarian Vizslas and is an aggressive and progressive condition which affects gait and coordination from around two to three months of age.

There is no treatment and affected dogs are euthanased on welfare grounds at the advanced stages of the disease.

The genetic mutation responsible has been discovered by researchers at the Kennel Club Genetic Centre at the Animal Health Trust, in association with the neurology team at the Royal Veterinary College.

A test has now been made available and involves a simple cheek swab it can be ordered here

Tested dogs will be given a result of either Affected, Carrier or Clear

Affected dogs should never be bred from.
Carrier dogs should only be bred to clear dogs.

Clear x Clear will produce 100% clear offspring
Clear x Carrier will produce some clear and some carrier offspring but no dog will be affected.

Here at the Gunfield Kennel we introduced DNA testing for this condition the moment the test was rolled out in February 2016 dogs born after that date will not be affected due to the mating being planned to ensure we never pair two dog together that carrier the gene.