So you want to buy a Vizsla to breed from?

There are a few misconceptions about breeding the first and most common its any easy way to make money!

Buying a puppy to breed is not an easy way of making money, you will receive your puppy at 8 weeks of age you then need to socialise and train your puppy ensuring he or she becomes a well adjusted adult.
You will also need to prove you puppy is high quality enough to be contributing to the gene pool by showing, agility, gundog work  or similar.
particularly in the case of male dogs it isn't enough to be a nice looking pet.

Health tests

You will need to health test your dog at 12 months of age

Tests include

Hip scoring- involves the dog being put under sedation or GA

Elbow scoring- "

DNA profiling- Cheek swab

DNA Longhaired gene testing if not clear by parentage - Cheek swab

Eye testing  including glaucoma. (not mandatory at present) 

There is always the risk that you puppy you have lovingly reared for the last year will fail these tests and there for not be suitable to breed from.

 Responsibility and time-

Do you have the time to rear a litter that will involve someone being home 24/7 for around 10 weeks.

Do you have the facilities and time to take back in offspring that need rehoming, remember these could be adult dogs with issues when they come home to you.

Are you be prepared to take responsibility of all your dog or bitch produces and to help new owners that may be struggling.


Breeding a litter is costly here is a  approximate break down of some of the costs using a basis of 10 puppies born-

Initial puppy purchase 1200

Feeding you puppy till breeding age 2050

Insuring your puppy till breeding age 680

Health testing your puppy 600

Stud fee 800

Whelping box 350

Heat lamp 50

Whelping first aid kit 50

Vet bedding 100

Puppy milk 50

puppy food for the litter 300

Registration fees 200

Dew claw removal for a litter 200

Vaccinating a litter 200

Microchipping a litter 150

Advertising puppies 50

puppy packs to go with puppies 300

Total  cost 6830

Income from puppy sales 10,000

Total profit 2970

divde this by the time spent rearing the litter i.e 24/7 for 10 weeks and it gives you an hourly wage of  1.76 an hour!

This doesn't take into account any loses for emergency vet treatment etc..