Crate training
Crate training is one of the most effective ways to toliet train a dog and give him or her a den to feel secure in.
no dog should be confined 24/7 in a crate.
short periods of time in the crate are useful for house training but your dog should also have time to intergrate with the family.
The crate should not be used as a punishment it is a bed and secure area where the puppy can be kept quietly out of harms way while you are out or in bed
When you are home the crate door should be left open.
at night the door can be closed but you should expect to have to get up during the night to allow the dog out to toilet, no one expects a baby to have perfect bowel and bladder control.
Your puppy will probally have the odd acident in the house , just clean it up. Do not punish your dog. All this means is that you have failed to get him outside in time.
When purchasing a crate make sure it is of good quality and free from sharp edges, always remove a puppies collar when he is in the crate unsupervised. Ensure the crate has a clip on water bowl and the puppy has plenty of chews and toys. for a vizsla puppy you should purchase a crate of these dimensions- DH36. 36"L x 24"w x 27" or 42"L x 28"w x 31"h. for an older dog. these can be obtained very reasonably from www.doghealth.co.uk .