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The Hungarian Vizsla Is often considered a good family companion which indeed given the right home environment they can be, however  The Hungarian Vizsla is by genetics a high energy  and highly intelligent HPR Gundog breed bred to work tirelessly and have a close bond with the handler.

There is no such thing as a special pet bred Hungarian Vizsla so be cautious of those adverts claiming to produce such a thing,  a Vizsla is a pedigree  breed of dog and its Energy levels, temperaments and breed traits are hard wired in its genes so in purchasing this breed you must be aware of this and the needs this creates in a family environment, whilst you dont have to hunt with your dog you do need to provide adequate attention company and mental stimulation to keep the breed happy.

If you are a full-time worker please ensure that you have thoroughly investigated daycare it is not enough to come home for a quick visit at lunch or mid morning your dog will need taking away for a large portion of the day.

If you are a family with young children be aware that the Vizsla is an extremely boisterous, mouthy and bouncy  breed and they are intelligent enough to try and dominate if not handled correctly you must have the time to correctly rear your dog around your children,  Only then will they make the wonderful family pet that they can be.

As a established breeder we receive multiple enquiries daily we choose not to have a huge waiting list of names instead we keep a small list of  vetted people this enables a better breeder/ client relationship For this reason we will not except anybody on our waiting list who is currently on another breeders waiting list or is actively seeking a puppy elsewhere.

In order to join our waiting list you need to be dedicated to having a puppy from us and you must be prepared to wait for us to have a suitable puppy for your family.

If you are still feel this Vizsla is right for you we look forward to welcoming you to our home to meet our dogs please go on to complete the enquiry form below.