Before completing the enquiry form please be aware that the dates shown on our puppy page are the earliest we will have puppies available if you see pictures of puppies on our FB groups etc.. because we have a litter and they are already reserved.

There is no point in completing this form if you are after a puppy immediately we keep a waiting list of between 6-18 months dependant on what you are looking for show, work or Pet, UK or export, particular sire or Dam, the approximate timings will of course be made available to you before you commit to joining our waiting list.
There is no option to pay to get a higher place on the list!  Whoever you are.

Our puppies go in list order to the most suitable home for them.

We want owners who are committed to having a Gunfield puppy so if you are on another breeders list or you are after the quickest pup possible we are not the breeder for you.

If you do not wish to have a Gunfield puppy you may wish to consider the breeders listed here

Thank you for reading

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