Before completing our enquiry for we would like to draw you attention to the following-


1.       Enquiry forms not completed in full will be discounted.


2.       We do not accept people on our waiting list who are actively seeking a puppy elsewhere or who are currently on another breeders waiting list, It is considered good etiquette to conclude dealings with one breeder before enquiring to another.


3.       We require you to visit in person or supply a reference prior to joining our waiting list.


4.       You will be required to pay a deposit upon joining our waiting list.


5.       We do not sell puppies to people who work full time without evidence that adequate provision is being made during working hours.


6.       We do not sell puppies to breeding only homes, whilst we are not against people breeding from their Vizslas they should be first and foremost their pet/work or show dog.


Thank you for reading