The Hungarian Vizsla doesnt thrive on poor quality food, you can spot a Vizsla fed cheap food a mile of they have poor coats lack of weight around the shoulder a rear, they are often lean and ribby

We have found avoiding foods with a vert hi cereal content is important.

There are various ways a Vizsla can be fed and the individual owner needs to tailor the diet to their needs dogs.

There are many different types of premiun dog food on the market in addition to raw feeding.

Our choice of food is Purina proplan and we feed lamb and rice robust, or salmon and rice

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We have found our Vizslas tend to do best on either lamb and rice or salmon and rice food

F0r those interested in feeding a raw diet  you can find information on this here


A litter of Gunfield puppies aged 6 weeks glowing with health