Imports and Exports

In 2003 we took the bold decision to import some new Vizsla blood to the UK to further our bloodlines.
Back then Hungary wasn't in the E U and we had no easy pets passport laws so it was a huge commitment  for both ourselves and the kennel in Hungary.

Our first import was a lovely bitch by the name of Pitypang nemes Hera of  Gunfield who came from the famous Pitypang Kennel in Hungary her finally arrived with us at the age of 14 months and went on to be a important member of our working team and a key part of our breeding program.

Second of our imports and probably the most famous was the highly prized International, Hungarian show, full and grand champion, Slovakian champion Sugar baro of Gunfield a stunning male whose show wining speak volumes for his quality, in addition to his achievements in the show ring he had proven himself as a versatile HPR by being awarded his Hungarian hunting exam and breeding license.
Sugar baro was a sort after stud and provided new blood for many lines in the UK before retiring from stud in 2012.

We continued to import new bloodlines from Hungary in subsequent years in order to keep our inbreeding coefficients low

Her are some of our Hungarian imports-


             Pitypang nemes hera                                         Sugar baro                           Pitypang Oporto of Gunfield           


 Vandabanda orion of Gunfield        Zagyvaparti vitez katica          zagyvaparti vitez klari

Vadaszfai merges                           Vadaszfai Grafit-                                Vadaszfai nador                         


Szandai-Cserkész Sugár (Imp Hun)           Pitypang Frater                                  Vandabanda Pita

In 200 we decided to add a whole new dimension to the bloodlines available to us by taking the bold step of importing from the USA we sort out what we believe to be the top dual purpose kennel in the USA

The paradox kennel we were lucky that they had a litter planned and from this litter we were given their pick of male the outstanding paradox hunt N for Gunfield know at home as Joska
Joska has proven to be a real asset to our bloodline and currently stands at stud here offering other breeder a chance to bring something completely new and diverse to their gene pool.

We bought a further import from the same kennel in the form of Cami - paradox Gunfields N roses she was bred to Joska to produce the first ever USA lines litter born in the UK


Pardox hunt N for Gunfield                 Paradox Gunfields N roses

We believe that no other kennel in the  UK has invested so much time effort and indeed money into ensuring their gene pool remains free from inbreeding.


from time to time we have exported dogs of our breeding to other countries

We only export when we are confident the dog exported is going to enjoy a super quality of life in their new country.

Some of our exports are-

Gunfield Aramis  - Bermuda

Gunfield serenade the sun- Bermuda

Gunfield Unique-  Bermuda

Gunfield unstoppable- Bermuda

Gunfields Buvos by Luxatori - Hungary

Gunfield Boroka - New Zealand

Gunfield Bulcsa - New Zealand

Gunfield Mitikus Leda- Italy