Donít want to lose your pet?

We can microchip your pet in the comfort of his own home or ours.

The microchip provides a permanent for of identification and can help you be reunited with you lost pet.

The chip is easy to implant it is about the size of a grain of rice , it is inserted in the lose skin between the shoulder blades.

I am a qualified  and insured to insert microchips in dogs and cats.

We use pet detect microchips and we register all microchips on the Petlog database.

They are ISO compatible and suitable for use in animals applying for their pets passport.


We are happy to travel to your home free within a five mile radius of LE12 5PQ

And 50p a mile there after.


Cost of microchipping and petlog registration is-


1 or 2 animals £15.00 each

3-5 animals £13.00 each

Over five animals  £12.00 each


we can now also offer the mini chip (not suitable for long haired breeds)

1 or 2Animals £17.00 each

3-5 animals £15.00 each

over 5 animals £14.00 each

Please note  due to new docking laws I can not microchip dogs docked after April 2007 that have has their tail docked as this must be performed by a veterinary surgeon.


All Gunfield Puppies are microchipped before going to their new homes.