Autoimmune conditions are present in many breeds of dog the Vizsla is not exempt from them
The Vizsla as a breed is considered disposed to VIP .


Typical onset is usually is around 9 months to two years of age and frequently there is an acute episode of retching, gagging, choking, dysphagia and hyper salivation.



Symptoms include-


difficulty swallowing food and water

muscle wastage around the skull

inability to open the mouth correctly
Raised CK levels


Research is being carried out and you can view more details on this condition here
To date the exact cause has not been proven, it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder due its response to treatment.
It is hoped eventually that a DNA test will be available but so far one has not been created .


VIP and the Gunfield Kennel

One thing the we are renowned for at the Gunfield kennel is our honesty about health issues so here is the information we have regarding dogs of our breeding this info is correct to the best of our knowledge and was last updated on 17/07/2017.

Thankfully the cases of VIP in our lines are very rare, to the best of our knowledge we have only bred one dog with confirmed VIP (Gunfield Golden Flames DOB  09/11/2013) in 397 puppies bred over a 18 year period.

In addition to our own homebred puppies there have been two further cases produced by dogs involved in our breeding program.

The late Sugar Baro of Gunfield produced one case of VIP in the 291 offspring he had in the UK and Hungary.

Vadaszfai Nador Of Gunfield has produced one suspected case in the 177 puppies he has sired to date.
Should you suspect your Vizsla has VIP or indeed any other health condition please contact us so we can put you in touch with the people in the know!