Some dogs dont mind having nails trimmed others find it traumatic


Desensitizing feet... stroking the feet regularly will get them used to being handled ensure you part the toes and feel around the nails.

Buying nail trimmers!

No cheap and cheerful ensure you have a good strong and safe pair of cutters , gunfield puppy purchasers can purchase a set directly from ourselves for collection with their puppy.

Cutting the nails....Leave the nail trimmers out where they can be sniffed and checked out  this will prevent the dog associating them with the iminent action.

Gently support on paw in your hand with a firm grip Use your nail trimmers to only remove a small amount of the free edge at first. You can always remove more nail later.

Talk to the dog but dont make a fuss if you give essesive praise you may make him nervous.

If he struggles release the foot and pick up another.

one the nails are completed on each foot reward the dog with a food treat  but keep things calm ressit the temptation to make a fuss hightened excitment hightens anxiety also.