At the Gunfield Kennel we have six stud dogs of various lineage all six are fully health tested having been the minimum of hip scored, heart checked, DNA tested for the long haired gene and DNA profiled some of our boys are also thyroid tested and elbow scored.

Our stud dogs are not just a family pets they have proven their qualities as a sire either in the show ring  and/or the shooting field alongside having the correct temperament to make outstanding companions.

All litters listed below are sired by our boys and have been bred in full compliance with the UK kennel clubs recommendations for the breed i.e. Bitches will be hip scored prior to breeding, bitches will be between 2-8 years of age at whelping, bitches will not have whelped more than one litter in any 12 month period, bitches will have whelped no more than three previous litters in their life time.

Current Litters available or planned that are sired by our stud dogs....

Sired by HJ Champion Vadaszfai Merges of Gunfield (Hungarian import) 

No litters at present


Sired by Paradox Hunt N for Gunfield (USA import

Andrew Thomas who is located in Bath has a litter planned for approx. April 2015, Inbreeding  for this litter is 05%

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Please contact by E-Mail or call 07525499257

Sired by Pitypang Frater of Gunfield (Hungarian import)

No litters at present

Sired By Gunfield days of Glory

None at Present

Sired by Vadaszfai Nador of Gunfield

 Kennel club assured breeder Sarah Bibby who is located in Wiltshire has a litter planned for December 2014,  Inbreeding for this litter is 3.7%

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Please contact by E-Mail or Telephone 01672 564572

 Kennel club assured breeder Gavin Lee who is located in Nottinghamshire has a litter due 20/02/15, Inbreeding for this litter is 2.6%

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Please contact by E-mail or Telephone 01623871334, 07775934296