Gunfield Vizslas are members of The UK Kennel club assured breeders scheme,and the dog breeders association. 



We keep a waiting list for our litters and only breed when we are confident we have good homes awaiting the litter.

We require potential owners to visit us and discuss the breeds suitability for them prior to joining our waiting list or supply a reference in the case of those to far away to visit.

Puppies are nominated to new homes in list order, the waiting time is dependant on litter sizes and genders so in the hands of mother nature.




The Gunfield dogs are all either home bred or direct imports from Hungary or the USA

Our imported dogs are from the top bloodlines in the World many of those are unique to us in the UK as to date we have imported twelve Vizslas from the USA and Hungary giving us the most diverse gene pool of any breeder in the UK.

All our lines have been selected for there success in the both the show ring a and hunting field  because we have imported dogs from overseas we are able to keep inbreeding coefficients(%) to an absolute minimum.




ALL our Vizslas have the following tests done prior to breeding

 Hip scoring-this involves taking an x-ray of the hip joints which is then accessed by a panel of specialists for signs of hip dysplasia a score is then given the highest score a dog can receive is 53/53 the lowest score is 0/0 , the lower the score the better 0/0 hips would be a perfect hip joint with 53/53 showing cronic HD


  DNA profiled - the unique DNA of the dog is recored from a syliva sample meaning the parentage of puppies can be confirmed without doubt this is done to combat puppy farmers who use false sets of registration documents or give out false pedigrees. The parentage of all Gunfield puppies can be easily confirmed as acurate.



 Heart checked - The dog heart is checked by the vet and appears to be normal and no murmurs have been heard.


 Some  of our Vizslas are also ..

Eye tested- the eyes are tested by a veterinary specialist and found not to show signs of hereditary eye disease


 Thyriod tested-  Blood samples are taken to confirm normal thyroid function


Elbow screened- X-rays of the elbow joints are tajken to confirm there are no signs of elbow dysplasia.

DNA tested for conditions such as HUU and Cerebellar Ataxia plus the LH gene


VIP remains an issue in the Vizsla breed  none of our vizslas  that we own have shown any signs of being affected by an autoimmune condition but like most vizslas worldwide they are likely to have ancestry that feature in the pedigrees of affected dogs.

There is no test available at this time.





We only breed from Vizslas who show the correct balanced  loving temperament, While all vizslas have there own personalities they should never show aggression to humnas or other dogs.




We only bred from dog who show the natural working abilities a Vizsla should have, most of our Hungarian dogs have as a minimum been natural aptitude tested and have all been judged as suitable.

All our dogs are worked regularly by ourselves in varying roles.




Our bitches are bred from the first time around two- four years of age  after there second season and we feel they are mature enough.


We breed no more than four litters from a bitch in her life time


 We do not breed from bitches aged over 7 1/2 years of age


Our male dogs are bred from once health testing is complete so around 18 months of age, there is no upper age limit provided the dog remains healthy and fertile..




Puppies destined for working homes can be legally docked.




All puppies have their dew claws removed at 3 days of age by our vet, to prevent injury in later life.




We are strong believers that correct rearing the puppy is essential, what is done by the breeder is the foundation for your dogs future, without the footing the building will fall!!


All our puppies are born in our home and remain there till they are 4 weeks of age after this they are reared in a combination of our purpose built kennels and our home as they require more space to free run!


Our puppies are all fed a premium diet mixing premium food with raw feeding.




We ensure the puppies follow a comprehensive socialisation program to ensure they leave us well socialised , bold and confident.




They are wormed from two weeks of age every two weeks using a veterinary approved worming program




All puppies are Temperament tested  by Katy Olsson Dip dog psy who has trained and qualified at diploma level in canine behavioural psychology and dog training,  the results of this test are used alongside our experience and knowledge of the growing litter to ensure the puppies are placed in the correct environment.




All our puppies are  micro chipped prior to going to their new homes.




All puppies receive there first vaccination prior to going to their new homes.




The litter is given a  vet check  before going to their new homes




 Puppies go to new homes between 7/1/2 weeks  and 9 weeks of age.




We are pleased to have made some wonderful friends in the owners of the dogs we have bred, we are able to offer experienced support to those who need us, we can supply many references from owners some of which can be read here