Here at the Gunfield kennel we offer a rehoming service for Hungarian Vizslas who find themselves in need of a new home.

The service is normally confined to dogs we have bred or those sired by our stud dogs however we understand there are people out there who have purchased from breeders who do not offer this service and we are happy to consider them if in need.

I (Katy) have undertaken training to diploma level in Canine psychology  and Canine training and behaviour we are also fully insured for the purpose of training and rehoming dogs.


We are currently seeking suitable homes for two entire male Vizslas who are coming up for rehoming around July time (They will be staying with there family as long as possible).
The two boys are greatly adored family pets who are in need of rehoming through no fault of there own.

The type of homes we will be looking for are-

People who do not work full time and who time to dedicate to caring for a dog.
Active people who enjoy lots of walking

People with no children or older children as the dogs do not currently live with children.

The dogs are social with other dogs.

These dogs are coming to us with a full known history having been in the family since Birth and being bred by a responsible breeder from fully health tested parents.

Although entire these dogs are not available for breeding and they are endorsed to ensure this, they have lived as family pets not work/show dogs and are offered for rehoming as family pets.

short trial "settling period" is offered to the right home.

please initially email Katy with some information about yourselves and the type of home you can offer.



For people interested in rehoming a dog, rescues/rehomes are generally family pets they are not suitable for breeding, showing or gundog work, dogs of that calibre are generally sold as such not rehomed.

At present we do not have any rescue dogs available .


If you are in need of help rehoming your dog please give us a call 01509 672066 (please leave a message)  or drop us an E-MAIL



We ask that people not to confuse us with the Hungarian Vizsla welfare charity 

 we are private breeder offering a rehoming service and have no affiliation to the Hungarian Vizsla welfare charity if you are looking to contact them please call Sue Millson 01892 834178 .