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Please note the items listed in this shop are only available to order for those who have purchased a puppy from ourselves and they are to be paid for in cash or by BAC and collected when you come to collect your puppy or on visit day.



Heavy Duty 2- 3 door 36" 42" or 48" Crate

50.00  60.00 or  70.00 UK pounds


Gunfield complete puppy kit!


and more....


400.00 UK pounds


1 X  Pro plan 12kg

5kg sack Tripe sticks

bag or bulk box of Cows ears

1 kg Sea Wraps

155.00 UK pounds


Clix Noise socialisation CD

10.00 UK pounds

Snuggle puppy with heat pad 40 UK pounds

Nail clippers 8.00 UK pounds

Adaptil spray 23.00 UK pounds

Slip lead 9.00 UK pounds

Whistle with  Lanyard 9.00 UK pounds

Thornit 9.00UK pounds