Heres what you will need for your new puppy!!










  36" Crate  we recommend Dog health their crates are strong and last  some of the cheaper versions available on the net are poor quality and dangerous!



6 cm Bolt on bowls for use in your crate to prevent bowls being knocked over. these can be obtained from Dog health




Vet bed for use in your crate vet bed is strong and withstands chewing it can be hot washed , you will require at least two peices so one can be used while the other is being washed. We recommend Pro fleece




Bowls x 2 for use in the house when your puppy isnt in the crate, These can be obtained from Dog health




Gundog dummy, every gunddog should have one!! you can get different sizes and weights you should start with a puppy size dummy, dummies can be obtained from The Gundog club



Whistle the recommended type is a Acme 210 1/2 this can be obtained from The Gundog club




Nail clippers these can be obtained from Canine concepts




Pigs ears these are a nice natural chew for your puppy they can be obtained from Zoo Plus






Slip lead, Gundogs should be walked on a slip lead not a harness, halti or collar and lead, you can obtain a slip lead from  The Gundog club





Proplan puppy  or Fish 4 dogs if you are having a Gunfield puppy please check with us as to your puppies diet, you can obtain it rom Zoo plus or directly from Fish 4 dogs





Thornit a must have for Vizslas,  Thornit is effective powder for control of ear mites and general ear hygiene, it can be obtained from Dog Health 





Keepers Mix is a mix of Herbs designed to condition your dog it can be obtained fron Dog Health

This is fed instead of the Kelp and garlic