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Gamesika Gundogs


 I have  been training handlers and their dogs for many years now.

 Not only do I train gundogs but also do domestic pet dogs for general obedience work.

I take individual lessons but involve my dogs as well to act as distractions. This works extremely well as the dogs learn to work along side other dogs and not think its play time.  I also do residential training where the dog comes in and stays in our kennels and has intensive training over several weeks. Again this proves to be popular especially for those that are too busy to start that initial training. I can get this started and then continue with individual lessons once I have got the basics in.

Located in Cornwall

Contact Pia Birnie

01726 71173 or 07817954076

email : pia@birnie.orangehome.co.uk

WEB: www.gamesikagundogs.co.uk




Gunfield Vizslas

Based in Leicestershire

Experienced Vizsla owners of 14 years and qualified canine trainer and psychologist

We offer residential puppy training and introductions to gundog work




Confident Canines

Dog Training in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Warwickshire

Welcome to Confident Canines

Anita Hope - AMACC, CAP2 (Hungarian Vizsla owner )

I am passionate about training dogs using kind, positive methods. Training should be fun for both you and your dog and should improve the bond between you. Training is a process that should enhance and deepen the relationship with your dog through greater understanding, good communication and absolute trust. I train using positive reward based methods with no harsh treatment, and I incorporate play wherever possible to teach desired behaviour.  

I provide one-to one dog training, puppy training and behaviour advice.