Both Katy and Andrew grew up in families who enjoyed the companionship of dogs and have always had a family pet, Andrews love of countryside pursuits and employment as a gamekeeper when he was a young adult lead to his interest in working dogs and owning and training dogs of his own.


As a youngsters Katy’s interest in dogs was more on a pet level enjoying the companionship of her GSD/Greyhound cross for many years and enjoying taking her to fun activities such as pet shows.


In 1999 the Gunfield Kennel was born originally breeding both Hungarian Vizslas and Labrador retrievers in 2001 we decided to cease breeding Labradors and specialise in the Hungarian Vizsla.


Requirements in our breeding program were simple a true to type Vizsla with a sound nature, good construction, good health and the natural working ability true to the breed.

In the early days the lack of genetic diversity meant it was almost impossible to find all these qualities without breeding to close relatives and although some UK lines had maintained the qualities well  the choice of suitable sires was very small, so the decision was taken to go back to the country of origination to import new blood to allow our breeding program to have the genetic diversity needed to produce the type of dog we wanted and to give other UK breeders the chance of a out cross should they wish to use it.


As with the UK there are good and bad genetic lines out in Hungary and it isn’t just a case of shipping the first dog you see,  it took many visits and huge investment both financially and in time to find the right dogs for our family.

In total to date we have imported 16 Hungarian Vizslas from the USA and Hungary giving us the single largest gene pool of any breeder in the UK meaning that we never need to inbreed and we never compromise on the 4 golden qualities of the Vizsla!


1.     Type- A true workman like HPR fit for the purpose they are bred for, not overly refined.

2.     Health- Dogs who are healthy and able to receive basic vacinations, and parasite treatments.

3.     Temperament- not neurotic, aggressive or hyper sensitive although the bred is intelligent and sensitive they are still a working gundogs.

4.     Hunting ability- the inbred ability to hunt point and retrieve as the breed should.



In 2008,  I (Katy) decided to further my knowledge of the canine world by studying at diploma level-


Canine psychology- Passed with merit

Behavioural training – Passed with Merit

Dog breeding and genetics – Passed with distinction


The contents of these course has proven very useful to me and means I am now able to offer training and behavioural advice to owners of the puppies we breed.


Our Vizslas still are very much part of the family they are primarily working gundogs and work the minimum of two days a week on shoots during the shooting season, our children are very involved in their care and working them on the shoots, Our whole family has a passion for all things Vizsla and in the past 18 years our life has some what been over taken by them.


Those that visit us are often greeted by organised chaos!


One of the best things this breed has bought to us is meeting so many different people from so many different walks of life who are all united by one thing there passion for the Vizsla breed.


As a breeder we are not large scale,  and we do not churn out large volumes of puppies in fact from 1999 to 2017  (18 years) we have had 46 litters in total thats an average of 2.5 litters a year! , the maximum number of litters we have in any one calendar year is four so we always advise poeple to contact us well in advance of wanting to take a puppy home.

We are a registered business an as such are fully insured .

We are members of the UK Kennel clubs assured breeders scheme and happily conform to all their requirements and recommendations.

In 2011 &  2017 we were inspected by the Kennel club under this scheme and deemed to be meeting the schemes rules and recommendations.

Puppies  are born in our home and remain inside the house till weaning at weaning they spend time both in the house and a purpose built kennel, the puppies are reared lavishly on the best quality food they follow a strict worming program and socialisation program

We are lucky to have a great vet who visits us to perform veterinary checks and vaccinate puppies before homing.

And as you would expect they go home with support from us and a puppy pack with all there immediate needs catered for.


We are often asked if we allow the dogs we breed to be bred from the simple answer is yes BUT we do expect you to do it under our guidance so we place breeding restrictions on the pedigrees of our puppies.

As you have already read we have invested hugely into our line making sure your puppy is “a good one” so we wont lift restrictions for dogs/bitches to bred back to the very lines we strived 18 years ago to leave behind, there are many lines in the UK breeding good dogs and we will happily guide you to them.





We hope you enjoy our website



Kate & Andrew