Viz Whizz

Bradgate park


viz wizz Bradgate park April 2009


As a Vizsla owner it is always nice to meet up with other like minded people and enjoy the company of them and their dogs.


There are many Vizsla wizz`s organised around the country the closest one to "The Gunfield Kennel" is held at Bradgate park, Leicestershire, Organiser is Jo Hings of Follyhall Vizslas owner of Gunfield shes the boss AKA Bean & Gunfield Blaze of Glory AKA Roo

 This  walk has become a meeting place for Gunfield  Vizsla owners, anyone is welcome to attend. 

These get togethers  provide a nice opportunity to catch up with the your Vizslas siblings, aunts, Uncles and even their parents and chat with like minded Vizsla fans!

The next planned Vizsla Whiz April 12th 2015 at 10am meeting in the Newton Linford carpark Bradgate park.

Kate and some of the Gunfield Mob will be their and will be pleased to see you all .

There will be chat about the planned walk on the forum www.vizslaforum.co.uk




Viz wizz april 2010


vizz whizz 6/12/09 - a record 17 Vizslas and their owner plus one 'honary Vizsla'


Viz wizz Bradgate park December 2008




Other Viz Whizzs


The East of England Viz Whizz is a regular meeting of vizsla's and their owners from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire for a "pack walk" in pleasant and safe surroundings normally once every six weeks.  The walks are organised by John Donoghue and Lynsey Sweales who both own two Vizsla's each.  At their inaugural walk they had seven vizsla's attend.
If you are an experienced vizsla owner then you will already know that a vizsla really does recognise other vizslas and enjoy running as a pack.  They have a very athletic way of playing with another vizsla that they do not display with any other breed.  These are just two of the reasons that many owners find it so worthwhile in bringing their dogs to a viz whizz.  Another aspect of course is the social element both for humans and dogs alike and the support that a large group of same breed owners can provide. 
If you would like to be added to their mailing list for future walks then please e-mail either John or Lynsey at
Please also see our Vizz Whiz Chat on the forum with dates of other Viz Whizz`s around the UK