Is the Vizsla for you?
The vizsla ouzes beauty and intelligence so it easy to see why people are attracted to him
The Vizsla is a hunt point and retrieve gundog although they do make good pets in the right hands owners should be aware that they are bred as a gundog and their needs as such must be met wether through field work or a mentally challenging environment.
Vizsla`s are lively and energetic they are bred to work out in the field and not to tire easily you will never tire a Vizsla running them they will simply get fitter, it is more about getting them to use their brains..think Chess not Rugby.
Vizsla`s are intelligent capable of learning  quickly this has both good and bad points it makes them easy to train for obedience but it also makes them capable of understanding who they can get away with what with and manipulating household members and training them to fulfil the Vizsla`s demands!
To own a Vizsla preferably you should have experience of owning a dog , We don't consider the Vizsla the ideal dog for a first time owner as they can be quite challenging so if you are considering owning a Vizsla for your first dog do please make sure you spend plenty of time dicussing what to expect with a breeder before commiting .
The Vizsla is also quite a mouthy and bousterious breed wich can cause issues with small children.
You should be capable of maintaining a balanced house with firm boundaries and rules where the Vizsla knows its place in the pecking order and can recieve calm kind training.
You should be able to dedicate your time to on-going positive training and providing mental stimulation for a high intelligence dog who will turn his attention to being vocal and destructive if bored.
If you have a young family do consider if you genuinely have time to fulfil the dogs needs as well as caring for your children, as failure to do so will result in alot of heartache for all involved.
The Vizsla moults he is not hypoallergenic! his coat can still irritate asthma or pet allergies, the vizsla is a slow to mature he is likely to remodel your home and garden during his younger years so if you are very house or garden proud think twice!!! A well adjusted and socialised Vizsla is a pleasure to live with he is clever and has real character but as with any breed of dog he is not born trained and socialised.
You should expect a massive amount of disruption when the Vizsla joins your home they are initially vocal and crave human company so expect sleepless nights and noisy days until a routine is established.
Where you buy your Vizsla from is also very important.............
Your breeder will be a source of information and back up as your puppy matures, so be patient when waiting for a puppy and choose wisely.
Here are a few tips-
Select a breeder who has been recommended to you or who is a current member of the UK kennel club accredited breeders scheme
Reputable breeders only bred from Kennel club registered stock and will register the puppies they produce with the UK KC.
Expect the breeder to engage in activitiies with their Vizslas such as work/show/agility/obediance, some one who keeps there dog purley for breeding should be avoided as money is likely to be the primary concern.
Make sure the breeder is knowledgable about health testing as a minimum has ensured both parents of the puppies are hip scored  with appropiate hip scores .
Ask the breeder about problems such as epilepsy, autoimune disorders to ensure the dogs they are breeding from are free of these undesirable problems.
Another major point is ensure your puppy is not inbred sadly despite health concerns there are still breeders out there doing very close breedings which can produce puppies with health and temperament problems these breeders are  most often not backyard breeders they are more often than not highly involved in the breed and are often to be found in the show ring.
Our policy at Gunfield is to keep inbreeding as low as possible with a top level of 10% over 5 generations.
A knowledgable breeder will be able to tell you the excact inbreeding  co efficiant in your puppies pedigree so make sure you ask!
When you meet the breeder expect to be questioned about your home and lifestyle and your suitabilty as a owner.
 Expect the breeder to want to meet you and your family  or if distance is a problem supply a reference before agreeing to let you have a puppy.
Be prepared to wait and travel along way for the right puppy.
 Ensure your breeder will furnish you with basic care advice and feeding advice plus be around to give you support if you need it. If you wish to buy a puppy to show ensure the breeder shows and the parents of you puppy are of show quality.
If you wish to by a puppy to work ensure the parents are working dogs and still have the hunting instincts and balance of character to make a good working dog.
 NEVER buy a puppy because you feel sorry for it while the market is there the breeders will carry on breeding! sadly not all breeders are reputable so enter your search for a puppy well informed, we are happy to advice buyers on what to look for .
Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions a reputable be breeder will be only to pleased to answer them for you.!!
If you are currently trying to source a breeder with puppies due please Click Here for a list of upcoming litters.